GOP Sen. Chris Stewart Won’t Answer Questions About Romney, Says Second Whistleblower Doesn’t Matter

The Donald Trump Ukraine scandal has rocked Washington and cable news anchors have plenty of questions about the fallout. Both Trump surrogates and lawmakers who belong to the Republican party have made regular appearances to answer these questions.

Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

Not only did Utah Senator Chris Stewart speak with Fox News’ Chris Wallace today, he did so while news was actively breaking. Stewart both refused to answer Wallace’s question about Trump’s criticism of Mitt Romney, he also said that the reports of a second whistleblower “did not matter.”

Chris Wallace began the segment by asking, “You are a member of the Utah congressional delegation and over the weekend, President Trump has really gone after Utah Senator Mitt Romney… He has called him a ‘pompous ass,’ a ‘fool,’ and added the hashtag ‘#ImpeachMittRomey.’ Of course, senators can’t be impeached, but congressman do you have any problems with the president going after your senator that way?”

The senator answered, “Oh Chris, I’m shocked that you’d ask me this question. Look, I know that the media loves for Republicans to criticize each other… You’re hoping that I will… I’m just going to say that Mitt Romney is a big boy, President Trump is a big boy, they can settle their differences.”

The Utah senator also had an opinion on the revelation of a second whistleblower, this one with a first hand account. “One of our concerns has always been there hasn’t been firsthand knowledge of this. The first whistleblower ― virtually everything he accused was second and thirdhand knowledge,” said Stewart. “But Chris, it does not matter. Why should I care at all what his perspective … of this transcript is?”

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