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GOP Reps. Blast Trump for his Ghislaine Maxwell Well Wishes

GOP Reps. Blast Trump for his Ghislaine Maxwell Well Wishes

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It’s not secret that Donald Trump had a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. While the President has tried to downplay his relationship with the couple, there is plenty of photographic evidence that says otherwise. Trump was also quite complimentary of Epstein prior to his arrest.

Donald Trump once said not to remove foreign students
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So it was natural for reporters to question the President on Maxwell’s current predicament. Trump surprised many at his press conference when he decided to wish the accused sex trafficker well. Today, multiple Republican congressman have come out questions Trump’s remarks.

Chip Roy of Texas tweeted, “This is unacceptably obtuse for a woman accused of the most morally depraved of crimes, Donald Trump. She needs to be severely punished… and justice must be served for the girls she abused. For ALL involved.”

Tim Burchett, who represents Tennessee’s 2nd district also weighed in. The lawmaker wrote, “She is despicable and he needs to say that.”

Of course, Democrats also had an opinion on Trump’s kind words for Maxwell. California’s Jackie Speier asked, “Why is the President wishing Ghislaine Maxwell “well”? She was an aider & abettor of a sexual predator. She identified and lured 13 year old girls in braces to be raped by Jeffrey Epstein. Why would POTUS not speak our loudly against her abhorrent conduct as a child sex trafficker? Hmmm.”

You can watch a clip of the President’s remarks below:

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