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GOP Representative Blames BLM, Antifa, For Trump’s Mail Slowdown

GOP Representative Blames BLM, Antifa, For Trump’s Mail Slowdown

Representative Andy Biggs on BLM, antifa, Post Office

In 2020, with a Trump appointee running the show, the U.S. Postal Service faced a slowdown of such extremes that Congressional inquiries were made. Now a Republican Representative claims that, rather than being about preventing mailed-in votes from being counted, this slowdown was due to Black Lives Matter activists and antifa.

Representative Andy Biggs on BLM, antifa, Post Office
[Photo Credit: Office of Andy Biggs, US Congress, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons]

On Thursday, Postmaster Louis DeJoy spoke before a House Oversight Committee about proposed reforms to the Postal Service. During this hearing, Arizona Republican Andy Biggs spoke and addressed last year’s slowdown, which many worried would affect the count of mail-in votes during the global pandemic.

However, he declared that the slowdown had nothing to do with the pandemic (setting up a strawman as he skipped right over allegations that the slowdown was in part deliberate election interference) but instead was because antifa and Black Lives Matter activists burned down post offices.


In fact, two post offices were burned down during the protests and angry riots that took place over the death of George Floyd and other unarmed Black citizens at the hands of police. That’s the small nugget of truth in the middle of Biggs’ misrepresentation. The MinnPost detailed the devastation to the public after the two Post Offices, both in South Minneapolis, were deemed total losses — donation checks to charitable organizations, submissions to an art collective, not to mention the facilities themselves.

However, what the loss of these two post office buildings in May of 2020 most emphatically did not do was slow down mail delivery across the nation. In testimony to Congress last year, DeJoy was questioned about numerous measures, including removing mail sorting machines and cutting worker hours, that were deemed much more likely culprits.

In fact, NPR coverage of the slowdown last year includes a profile on Postmaster DeJoy, noting among other things, that he’s a Republican megadonor, and that he took his position in June — weeks after the burning of the two post offices.

It was only after he began implementing his new policies, and while Donald Trump repeatedly decried mail-in voting, that the slowdown began.

During the February 24 hearings — months after Trump lost the election despite the slowdowns — DeJoy issued an apology to Postal Service customers who “felt the impact of our delays.”

The full hearing is available here via CSPAN.

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