GOP Rep. Upton: It’s is “Tragic” That Some People Choose Not to Wear Masks

The vast majority of GOP congresspeople march in lock-step behind President Donald Trump. Michigan’s Fred Upton is a member of the minority. In 2019, he was one of four Republicans who voted to condemn Trump after the President made offensive remarks about “The Squad.”

Photo By Bill Clark/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

Upton has also spoken out against discrimination against the LGBTQ community and supported common sense gun reforms. The wearing of masks to combat COVID spread has, in part due to Donald Trump, become a political issue. When asked about the subject on Thursday, Upton called some conservative’s refusal to wear masks “tragic.”

The GOP lawmaker made the comments during The Hill’s Health Reimagined summit. “I’m reminding people to wear masks every time they’re with other people outside of their family, particularly in a public place that’s inside,” he remarked.

Upton continued, “It’s tragic to see some of these stories of folks who have objected to it — the Tulsa rally, the officers around the country in a variety of states who didn’t believe it — and all of a sudden now they’re passing away, they’re coming down with COVID.”

The congressman was also asked about Trump’s plan to send children back to school in the fall:

“It’s important that our schools have the resources,” he said. “It’s going to be incumbent upon them to do much more — they’re going to have to have smaller class sizes, probably only a day or two in the class, they got school bus issues, mask issues. Parents are going to be unwilling, I think, to send their kids to school until they know that they’re going to be safe.”

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