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GOP Rep. Tells White House They’re Wrong on Confederate Named Military Bases

GOP Rep. Tells White House They’re Wrong on Confederate Named Military Bases

The Geore Floyd protests brought about a new type of racial conversation. And a number of new ideas where generated through this conversation. Among them was a movement to remove the names of Confederate Generals from U.S. Military bases.

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A bill passed on the matter infuriated Donald Trump who promised to veto it. The idea to rename the bases, however, does have some bi-partisan support. This includes Don Bacon, a Nebraska Republican who recently told a Trump aide the White House is wrong on the issue.

Bacon is not only a second term congressman, he was also a Brigadir General in the Air Force.

The Nebraska Republican recently received a call from a Trump aide asking him to change his stance on renaming the bases. According to Bacon, he responded, “You’re wrong — you need to change. We’re the party of Lincoln, the party of emancipation; we’re not the party of Jim Crow. We should be on the right side of this issue.”

Other Republicans, like Lindsey Graham, also think the names should be changed. He recently said of the bill, “The issue of Army bases being named after Confederate generals is a legitimate concern in the times in which we live. I’m OK with a process that the Senate came up with. And there’s a lot of good things in this bill.”

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House Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he wouldn’t be against renaming the bases for, “people who didn’t rebel against the country.”



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