Gop Rep. Says Trump Is Smart to Ask God to for Help With Coronavirus

Donald Trump has spent a large portion of his life not being very involved in religion. Religious voters, however, have rallied behind his Presidency, especially Evangelical Christians. The President has made it a point to placate those voters, mostly by appointment Conservative judges.

Via Jody Hice Twitter

While speaking to reporters about the response to COVID-19 on Friday, Trump said that people should ask God for protection. Republican lawmaker Jody Hice was quick to praise the President for requesting the aid of the almighty.

The President went as far as declaring Friday a day of prayer. He told reporters, “It is my great honor to declare Sunday, March 15th as a National Day of Prayer. We are a Country that, throughout our history, has looked to God for protection and strength in times like these.”

Jody Hice, former a Conservative radio host, now represents Georgia’s 10th District. He was a big fan of Trump’s declaration.

Hice took to Twitter, writing, “Donald Trump, the unquestioned leader of the free world, has called on Sunday, March 15, to be a Day of Prayer! We need the aid of the Almighty in combating this outbreak! Thank you POTUS for recognizing our dependence upon Him and for calling on people to pray!”




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