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GOP Rep. Peter King Continues His Assault on Mitch McConnell

GOP Rep. Peter King Continues His Assault on Mitch McConnell

Many of the states having the most difficult time with COVID-19 feature Democratic Governors and large blue voting blocs. And because of the economic devastation from the pandemic, these states are requesting additional funds from the US government.

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The Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has said that he prefers not to “bail these states out” and that they should declare bankruptcy. Earlier this week, New York Congressman Peter King blasted McConnell for the comments. Over the weekend, King continued his assault on King calling the lawmaker a liar.

King, whose state has been hit hardest by the pandemic, made the comments while appearing on Fox News with Martha McCallum. McCallum asked if the states would be utilizing the funds to pay for past budget mistakes.

The lawmaker answered, “No, that’s a total lie being spread by Mitch McConnell. No one is looking for any money other than that we’ve lost directly because of the coronavirus. We’re talking about paying the cops, the firefighters, the doctors, all of the lost revenue also because of coronavirus. This has nothing to do with pensions, nothing to do with state spending.”

King then blamed states like McConnell’s Kentucky for some of New York’s issues:

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“None of the money we’re talking about, none of the funding would be in any way tied to state policies. It’s entirely because of the coronavirus, because of the shutdown. One of the reasons New York has problems otherwise is because we subsidize Kentucky. We get many many billions less back from the federal treasury than we pay in, while Mitch McConnell and Kentucky, they walk off with billions more than they’re entitled to.”


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