GOP Rep. Paul Gosar’s Siblings Call on Him to Be Removed From Office Over Appearance at White Supremacist Event

In 2021, a number of Republican congresspeople have exhibited outward racism. Marjorie Taylor Greene has a nearly daily controversy related to her views. On Wednesday, Dem. Rep. Stacey Plaskett ripped into Wisconsin’s Glenn Grothman after he made offensive statements about Black Lives Matter.

Photo by Bill Clark-Pool/Getty Images

But Paul Gosar may have topped them all. The Arizona Republican recently attended an event hosted by White Supremacist Nicholas Fuentes. The lawmaker’s siblings are now calling for him to be removed from the House of Representatives.

Following his visit to the conference, Gosar told CPAC attendees, “I denounce when we talk about white racism. That’s not appropriate.”

Sister Jennifer Gosar said, “That was the most nebulous, nonsensical response when I heard about it. Because what’s ‘white racism’? Excuse my language — what the f*ck is that? Seriously. I thought that was nebulous as hell. … It’s that word salad, nonsensical, non-sequential kind of thinking that he’s used publicly for years now.”

Brother Dave Gosar added, “It’s a word game these people are playing. Ask him, do you denounce Nick Fuentes? Do you denounce the Oath Keepers? Do you denounce the Proud Boys? Watch — he won’t denounce that.”

Tim Gosar then weighed in, “(He’s) a very small man in mind, in heart, and the attributes that really matter in life. He’s literally scared of his own shadow. That’s what kind of person we’re talking about here. Is he a white supremacist for political gain? Absolutely. Is he a white supremacist because he’s a ‘scared of his own shadow’ guy? Yeah, he is that too.”

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