GOP Rep. Paul Gosar Makes Ruth Bader Ginsburg Coronavirus Joke

During the yearly Conservative CPAC conference, a number of Republican lawmakers came into contact with a man who’s test positive for COVID-19. Among them were Texas senator Ted Cruz, Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz and Arizona Representative Paul Gosar.

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

Gaetz, Gosar and Cruz all made the decision to self quarantine themselves, while Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert chose to return to work. While he’s not holding court at his Washington office, Gosar is still cracking jokes on Twitter. This morning he made a crack about infecting Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with the Coronavirus.

The 86 year old Ginsburg has had a number of health scares the last few years. If she was to retire due to health issues, Donald Trump would have the chance to install a new Justice.

Gosar tweeted, “Fact check: there is no truth to the rumor that Senator Ted Cruz and I asksed for a joint meeting with Justice Ginsburg.”

The former Dentist is no stranger to Twitter controversy. He took heat in December for a failed joke about Hillary Clinton.

Gosar is perhaps best known for being disowned by a number of his brothers and sisters. During his last election, his siblings went so far as to record a campaign spot telling Arizonans to vote against him.




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