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GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Thinks Hawley/Cruz Should Face Consequences for Their Actions

GOP Rep. Nancy Mace Thinks Hawley/Cruz Should Face Consequences for Their Actions

For the most part, the Republican party has remained the party of Donald Trump. Even after the insurrection at the Capitol, there were still over 100 Reps. willing to sign their name to the election fight.

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That does not mean, though, that there aren’t Conservatives who are willing to stand up to Trump. Freshman congresswoman Nancy Mace has stood out for her willingness to call out her colleagues. That continued on Sunday night when she told Wolf Blitzer that Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should be held accountable for their role in the insurrection.

Mace told CNN, “I think that any person of any party in any chamber should be held accountable.They should be investigated to the fullest extent of the law.”

The South Carolina lawmaker continued, “We understand allegedly there was a member of congress who was also live-tweeting the whereabouts of the speaker of the house. And I don’t care how much you disagree with Nancy Pelosi, I am quite conservative, and I disagreed with her plenty of times, but that’s not a reason to live-tweet her location when the Capitol doors are being breached, and we’re being stormed, and there is a violent riot that killed five people.”

Mace had made similar comments earlier in the day during an appearance on Meet the Press. She told Chuck Todd, “I literally had to walk through a crime scene where that young woman was shot and killed to get into the chamber to vote to certify the election.”

Watch a clip of that segment below, courtesy of NBC:

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