GOP Rep. Mike Lawler Calls MTG Mike Johnson Plan Idiotic

Tired of working with far-Right wing Conservatives, many more moderate members of the GOP House have decided against running again in 2022. And a few of them won't even wait that long, opting to retire early and jeopardizing the GOP's majority.

Still, Majorie Taylor Greene wants to keep the infighting going by trying to oust Mike Johnson from leadership. Fellow GOP Rep. Mike Lawler did not hold back when asked about Greene's action on CNN this weekend. 

"She has introduced it," the New York Rep. began. "She has not yet made it privileged but, as I said the day that she introduced it, it's idiotic and it's not going to actually help advance the cause she believes in."

Lawler continued:

"In fact, it undermines our House Republican majority. Look, voters enacted a House Republican majority because they wanted a check and balance on the Biden administration. They wanted to stop the reckless out-of-control spending that increased by 5 trillion in just two years and gave us record inflation. They didn't like the disastrous withdrawal out of Afghanistan, and they saw the disastrous foreign policy decisions that the Biden administration has made when it comes to Iran."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN: