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GOP Rep Linked to PA Insurrectionist Who Chartered Buses to DC For January 6th

GOP Rep Linked to PA Insurrectionist Who Chartered Buses to DC For January 6th

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania proudly bills himself as a member of the bi-partisan “Problem Solvers Caucus”, but he has a close relationship with a conservative activist who proudly boasted about chartering buses for people who wanted to attend the pro-Trump rally that preceded the January 6th Capitol riot.

Fitzpatrick was blunt and fully nonpartisan in his assessment of what happened that day. When rioters breached the halls of Congress and sent lawmakers fleeing for their lives, the Pennsylvania Republican called it “nothing short of a coup attempt” and deliberately blamed Donald Trump for “lying to his supporters with false information and false expectations.”  However, that hasn’t kept Fitzpatrick from associating and accepting donations from Jim Worthington, who is being investigated by the FBI over his possible connections to the attempted insurrection.

Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Worthington, like his fellow Pennsylvania MAGA Frank Scavo, spent most of his time on Facebook, sharing conspiracies and planning a bus trip to DC on January 6th. Worthington donated tens of thousands of dollars to Fitzpatrick and committees that support him. And, less than five months after Fitzpatrick counseled Worthington on his dealings with the FBI, Worthington hosted a fundraiser for the congressman in his home, according to posts on Worthington’s Facebook page.

Worthington claims he never went near the Capitol building on January 6th and he has also expressed confidence that none of the hundreds of people he helped bring to Washington took part in the riot. In a Facebook post, he wrote, “Not one of them was near the Capitol entrance when the rioting took place nor were most of them aware of any activities at the Capitol until after they got on the bus. These folks are not seditionists, nor do they break the law.”

According to Worthington, Fitzpatrick counseled him to lawyer up after the FBI visit, with the GOP lawmaker allegedly telling him, “Well, you should probably get an attorney, just not because you need one, but that’s probably the right thing to do.”

You can read Hunter Walker’s full report here.


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