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GOP Rep. Kinzinger Blasts Fox’s Mark Levin as the “Godfather of Outrage for Profit”

GOP Rep. Kinzinger Blasts Fox’s Mark Levin as the “Godfather of Outrage for Profit”

There are many members of Fox media who are big fans of Donald Trump. Few of them, however, are more effusive in their praise for the president than Mark Levin. Just a few weeks back, Levin suggested that Trump be honored with a ticker-tape parade for his “success” battling COVID-19.

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The Fox radio host has also stood behind the president in his attempt to overturn the election results. Some members of the GOP, like Illinois’ Adam Kinzinger, have rejected Trump’s election claims and called for him to move on. After Levin bashed Kinzinger for his comments, the congressman hit back with a savage burn.

Levin took to Twitter yesterday, writing, “Adam Kinzinger is very devious and reckless politician. He was elected as a Tea Party candidate 10 years ago and quickly turned on them. He is now an activist for the administrative state and against constitutionalists.”

The Fox host continued, “Unsurprisingly, he’s celebrated by the Dem-Party media.  His attack on those earnestly trying to fix what the Dems broke during this election cycle & their efforts to prevent further usurpations of the the Constitution (as they’ve announced their intentions), is unconscionable.”

Kinzinger quickly replied to Levin, “Mark is The Godfather of “outrage for profit.” For some reason he has been obsessed with me for a while.”

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After a response from Levin, Kinzinger again went on the attack, sharing a 2016 article where the radio host claimed he would never vote for Trump. “This was pre-grift,” wrote the congressman.


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