GOP Rep. Gonzalez: Liz Cheney is a Bad Fit For Party Because She’s Not Willing to Lie to Voters

Despite constant attacks against her from the members of her party, Liz Cheney still has supporters like Anthony Gonzalez.

Photo by Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images

Liz Cheney has significant Conservative bonafides. Her father, Dick, is obviously and important member of the party and served as Vice President for 8 years. Cheney herself has been in office since 2016 and quickly rose through the ranks. But her decision to impeach Donald Trump in January put a target on her back.

The loudest voices in the party like Jim Jordan and Matt Gaetz would like to see her out of party leadership. But when GOP House members had a chance to vote her out, they refused to do so. Anthony Gonzalez recently became one of the first Republican Reps. to vociferously back the embattled Wyoming congresswoman.

The Ohio senator told The Hill, “If a prerequisite for leading our conference is continuing to lie to our voters, then Liz is not the best fit. Liz isn’t going to lie to people. Liz is going to say what she believes. She’s going to stand on principle. And if that’s going to be distracting for folks, she’s not the best fit. I wish that weren’t the case.”

Of course, there are still plenty of anonymous lawmakers blasting Cheney to the press. An unnamed Rep. told The Hill, “It’s at a boiling point. This isn’t about Liz Cheney wanting to impeach Donald Trump; this isn’t about Donald Trump at all. It’s about Liz Cheney being completely out of synch with the majority of our conference.”


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