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GOP Rep. Gohmert’s Miracle COVID-19 Curing Powder Called “Nonsense”

GOP Rep. Gohmert’s Miracle COVID-19 Curing Powder Called “Nonsense”

Nearly every person in the United States is hoping for some kind of miracle cure for COVID-19. There are some drugs out there providing some hope, but as of now, there is still no medicine proven to combat the effects of the virus.

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Donald Trump has heavily pushed a drug called hydroxychloroquine, though some doctors are skeptical. Last month, Texas Congressman Louis Gohmert pushed a miracle powder cure that he claimed was being used in Germany. Today, the Houston Chronicle posted a rebuke against the lawmakers claims, referring to them as “nonsense.”

Last month, during an interview, Gohmert said, “It is being used in Germany as a mist. Health care workers go through a misting tent going into the hospital and it kills the coronavirus completely dead not only right then, but any time in the next 14 days that the virus touches anything that’s been sprayed it is killed.”

Those claims by Gohmert were put under the microscope by PolitiFact’s Madlin Mekelburg. Dr. Jörn Wegner told Mekelburg that the claims were basically all untrue.

What your congressman said is absolute nonsense,” said Dr. Wegner. “There are no such tents and there’s no powder or magical cure.”

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