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GOP Rep. Crenshaw Says 9/11 Firefighter Is Conspiring with Democrat to Undermine Him

GOP Rep. Crenshaw Says 9/11 Firefighter Is Conspiring with Democrat to Undermine Him

Texas Congressman, Dan Crenshaw, became a known figure after he was insulted on-air by SNL’s Pete Davidson. Crenshaw memorably appeared on the show, accepted Davidson’s apology and talked about the need for civility in politics.

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Since that speech, however, Crenshaw has engaged in a number of public and private feuds. The latest spat involves Rob Serra, a firefighter who survived 9/11. According to the Texas Congressman, Serra is attempting to undermine him.

Serra claims that he was excited to meet the congressman and ask him to support a bill that would help fund the 9/11 Victim’s Fund. Serra, though, says Crenshaw snubbed him and said he would have his staff look into the matter. Serra’s story appeared in a number of media outlets last week.

The Texas congressman not only says that Serra’s story is untrue, but that the former firefighter is conspiring with New York congressman Max Rose (D). Crenshaw believes, “This accusation is a nefarious attempt to undermine me because I spoke out against Omar. It’s highly dishonest.”

Serra says the idea of some collaboration between him and Rose is absurd. He told The New York Daily News, “I’ve met Max Rose once or twice. All I did was respond to Max’s tweet. If that’s conspiring then I think we have different definitions of conspiring.”

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In addition to his feuds with Serra and Omar, Crenshaw also had a Twitter battle with security adviser, Juliet Kayyem. During his argument with Kayyem he was accused of “mansplaining” to a woman who had served in the Obama administration.

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