GOP Rep: Clay Higgins Wants Merrick Garland and Christopher Wray Prosecuted for Prosecuting Insurrectionists

It is now the third anniversary of Donald Trump's supporters attacking the United States' Capitol. At first, Republicans, even those on the far-Right called the event terrible. But as time has passed, MAGA Republicans have begun to openly praise the insurrectionists. 

Marjorie Taylor Greene had a book signing in Florida canceled after the hotel she booked realized she's be honoring J6 rioters. And Clay Higgins, another far-Right congressperson is calling for the arrests of those who prosecuted the insurrectionists. 

The Louisiana Rep. wrote on his Twitter page, "Media: 'Congressman Higgins, what’s your response to DOJ vowing to prosecute all Trump supporters criminally responsible for J6?'

Me: 'Garland, Wray, the whole cabal, they’re the J6 criminals, and will most certainly be prosecuted by We the People. Their names are already forever cursed.'"

While conspiracy theorists like Higgins are digging to try and find the "real perpetrator of J6," they may be working a little too hard. The real insurrectionists are there on film attacking police officers and ransacking one of the most hallowed buildings in the country.