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GOP Racists McConnell, Cruz, and Hawley Say They’ll Vote Against Confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson

GOP Racists McConnell, Cruz, and Hawley Say They’ll Vote Against Confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson

I’m writing this with my skin on fire while on hold with Josh Hawley’s office after leaving a message for Mitch McConnell with the unlucky guy who answers. as well as a voicemail on Ted Cruz’s Texas office phone because his Washington, DC, office voicemail was full for some nutty reason. The anger in my stomach won’t be appeased by some tweets and a commentary on the internet, so I had to take the next step of literally using my voice. I know they’ll ignore me, but that won’t stop me from saying all of the things.

Ketanji Brown Jackson is the most accomplished person to be nominated to the Supreme Court, but because of some ovaries and a little extra melanin (plus blackmail from their Russian Owner, Daddy Vlad), these three mediocre white men aren’t going to vote to confirm her to the Supreme Court. These same three “men” voted for an alleged rapist who loves beer more than paying his own bills, then pushed a handmaiden through the process mere days before the 2020 Presidential election. Rules for me and not thee, amirite?

McConnell has been accused of stacking the courts.

Cruz abandoned his constituents during the worst winter storm in over a decade.

And we all know who Josh Hawley really is.

Donald Trump praises Josh Hawley as "future of Republican Party"
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While I didn’t use any “four letter” words when calling them to call them out, I certainly used lots of other words. Racist, misogynist, seditious, traitorous, weak, spineless, and cowardly all came up, though.

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While Judge Jackson is showing incredible grace during this time–she has to, she’s a Black woman in America being judged by white men, one of whom even called her “articulate” and one point–the fact that she’s going through this at all makes me want to projectile vomit all over the Senate. Just being a woman is exhausting enough with us constantly having to prove ourselves to men far less accomplished than we are, but it’s still nothing compared to being a woman of color in America, especially a Black woman.

Republicans are always the problem and they will always be the problem. Aside from voting, the only other we can do is try to express our thoughts about how awful they are in a way that feels productive instead of holding it all in until you explode. Lucky for us, there’s stuff to scream about every day, yay!

Now it’s your turn.

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