GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Thinks Trump’s Constant Election Whining Could Have Devastating Effects in Georgia Run-Offs

This year’s election season was a mixed bag for Democrats. On the bright side, they were able to capture the presidency. On the downside, though, they lost a number of House seats and weren’t able to win targeted senate races in North Carolina and Maine. All of that won’t matter, however, if they are able to win two Senate runoff races on January 5th.


As of now, the Republicans control the senate and are considered to be minor favorites in the runoff. But Donald Trump’s post election tantrum may not be helping matters. In fact, veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz thinks Trump’s actions could be disillusioning and turning off Georgia Republican voters.

Luntz made the comments on CNBC’s Squawk Box over the weekend. He began, “I’m trying to understand specifically who’s got the turnout advantage because, in the end, no one’s going to change their votes.”

The pollster continued, “so many Trump people have been disillusioned because their candidate lost for president, and we still find that 55 percent of Trump voters in Georgia — 55 percent — believe Donald Trump was elected president and so they’re mad. Despite that, Republicans have a slight advantage.”

Luntz closed his thoughts by warning, “But, and this is a message for the President of the United States. If you continue to disillusion voters by saying that the elections were rigged and that your vote doesn’t matter, this could have severe consequences for the administration in trying to keep those two seats Republican.”

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