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GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Thinks COVID Diagnosis Will Deeply Hurt Trump Campaign

GOP Pollster Frank Luntz Thinks COVID Diagnosis Will Deeply Hurt Trump Campaign

For decades, Frank Luntz has served as a top pollster and strategist for the Republican party. Just the other night, one of Luntz’s focus groups went viral after a participant said Donald Trump’s debate performance was reminiscent of a “crackhead.”


So there are few people more versed in Republican politics and how issues could affect elections. Fox News brought Luntz on this Friday to ask about Donald Trump’s positive COVID test and how it could hurt his reelection chances. According to Luntz, the fallout could potentially be devastating.

The pollster was asked by Fox’s Dana Perino how the new could affect Trump’s chances. He responded, “It’s not good news for the president in that the focus is now going to be on Covid-19, and when the focus is on Covid-19 Biden has a ten, eleven, twelve point advantage.”

Luntz continued, “When the focus is on the economy, Donald Trump has a three or four point advantage. When it’s China… Trump also has an advantage. When they’re talking about healthcare, Covid-19, or those kinds of issues, that is Joe Biden’s strength right now. It’s been the Democratic Party strength for the last ten, maybe even fifteen years.”

The pollster closed by saying that it’s imperative for Trump to participate in the next debate, if possible. “If Donald Trump has to postpone or they lose the debates because he’s ill, he’s gonna be in real trouble from an electoral basis.”

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