GOP Pollster Frank Luntz on Trump Supporter Vaccine Refusal: “It Breaks My Brain” [VIDEO]

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is now seriously affecting the country. In fact, Florida just became the first state to have a higher rate of deaths now than during any other time of the pandemic.


The full ICU beds across the South are a tragedy because they were entirely preventable. There is a free and readily available vaccine. Still, a large number of Trump supporters are refusing the shot. GOP pollster Fran Luntz recently discussed their vaccine hesitancy with CNN.

Luntz told Anderson Cooper, ” It used to break my heart and now it just breaks my brain. It causes my head to explode because I know how dangerous the Covid is and the delta variant, and I know how much more dangerous that is than the vaccine.”

Cooper asked the fame pollster about combating vaccine skepticism. Luntz answered:

“It’s not going to come from television news, it’s not going to come from efforts from the government or advertising. It’s now gotta come from people that you know. I want to get a pediatrician in every school. In fact, if you’re a pediatrician right now, you should be getting in touch with your show. Pediatricians need to adopt a school. Parents will trust pediatricians, so will the kids. That’s how you get people vaccinated.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of CNN:

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