GOP on GOP Violence: Watch Tucker Carlson Blast Lindsey Graham For “Screwing Up Afghanistan”

There seems to be a bit of a rivalry brewing between Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson. A report surfaced recently where Carlson mocked Hannity for his undying and sycophantic loyalty to Donald Trump.

Lindsey Graham is to blame for Donald Trump
Photo by Carolyn Kaster-Pool/Getty Images

And Carlson has also been making fun of Hannity’s guests before they appear on his show. Last week, prior to Lindsey Graham appearing on Hannity, Carlson took a shot at him, saying, “So the most radical president of our lifetime gets the most judges confirmed thanks to Lindsey Graham.”

Last night, the Fox host did it again. He told viewers before Hannity’s show started:

“For 20 years the foreign policy establishment and its many lickspittles in Congress have assured us that everything was fine. We’re building democracy. We’re doing a great job. That’s what our trillions were buying. What do those people have to say now” What does Lindsey Graham have to say about that? At some point when we get a little time in the next week, we’re going to put together a montage of Lindsey Graham talking about how great Afghanistan is for the last 20 years and ask him did you believe it when you said this.”

Watch a clip of the video below, shared on Twitter by Carlson himself:


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