GOP Official: Trump Will Have a Twitter Tantrum, But Will Eventually Concede

Democrats still have their nerves fried from the 2016 election. And the one going on in 2020 hasn’t helped matters much. Joe Biden is ahead and has multiple paths to victory. But now, there is a waiting game as a number of inportatn states are still counting mail-in ballots.

Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Donald Trump is not helping matters at all. The president, who declared himself the victor late last night, has been throwing a massive tantrum all morning. According to a GOP official, however, that’s all he can do at this point. That official told Olivia Nuzzi that Trump will rant and rave, but eventually will concede.

The New York Magazine writer tweeted, “A senior Republican official tells me they’ve accepted that a Trump victory is becoming less and less possible: ‘Very hard to see the path. Weird rumblings out of Arizona. But seems the three Midwest states will end up going Biden.'”

Nuzzi also says that the official told her, “I think he’ll scream and shout for a while and then give in.”

According to the reporter, the official closed by saying, “In a way this is the best possible outcome for him. He dramatically exceeded expectations, can claim he would have won easily without Covid, and most important: now he doesn’t have to do the work of being president anymore.”

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