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GOP Mid-Term Candidates Are Refusing To Cash NRA Donation Checks

GOP Mid-Term Candidates Are Refusing To Cash NRA Donation Checks

There have been many gruesome gun shootings in America with higher death counts than last years  Parkland school shooting. However, what separates Parkland from so many others is how the activism of the young Parkland students is starting to chip away at the NRA and its seemingly unbreakable hold on Republican Congressmen.

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Mother Jones reports that roughly half a dozen Republicans — some of whom are facing hotly contested races — have either returned or haven’t deposited recent donations from the NRA. Such acts would be virtually unheard of as recently as 2016 when not a single congressional candidate refused money sent by the embattled gun rights group.

Via Mother Jones:

Rep. Steve Knight, a vulnerable GOP incumbent who represents suburban Los Angeles county and has consistently received “A” ratings from the NRA, has declined a total of $4,000 in NRA contributions this year, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission. Last month, Knight’s campaign returned a $2,500 campaign contributions to the NRA after initially depositing that money in August. The NRA also voided a $1,500 May contribution that Knight never deposited.

But it’s not just Rep Knight who’s starting to see the consequences of blindly accepting NRA cash. According to Mother Jones, Bryan Steil, a former aide to House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) who’s running to replace his old boss in Congress, also didn’t deposit a check the NRA sent him at the end of August.

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Even though it seems gun reform (or thoughts and prayers class) is only discussed following a tragic gun shooting in America, reform is shaping up to be a surprising wedge issue in the battle to succeed Ryan. Ryan, of course, was the NRA poster boy after benefiting from almost $50,000 in gun rights money during his nearly two decades in Congress.

With Democrats trying to restore the balance of power (and perhaps sanity) in Washington, the NRA could soon be seeing its monopoly on Republican lawmakers disappear.

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