GOP Men Are Claiming They’re “Too Macho” to Get COVID Vax

Politically conservative men have been skeptical of the coronavirus from the beginning. Now that the vaccine is becoming more widely available, a striking number are deciding not to get the shot: According to a recent NPR/PBS NewsHour-Marist poll, 49 percent of Republican men do not plan to get vaccinated, a higher percentage than any other demographic group in the United States. Though Donald Trump received his coronavirus vaccine before he left office, he did it secretly and without any media coverage. He also didn’t encourage his supporters to get the vaccine until mid-March during his appearance at CPAC.

The poll found 34 percent of Republican women did not plan to be vaccinated, compared to 14 percent of Democratic women — who were more reluctant than Democratic men, of whom only 6 percent did not plan to get the shots. Because women are more likely than men to vote Democratic and are generally more comfortable with government intervention, it’s not surprising more women plan to get the vaccine.

49% of Republican men say they won’t get vaccinated. These wives and daughters are on a mission to change their minds.

Studies also found that men who view their own masculinity as central to their identity were less likely to wear a mask. “I just feel that God created us, made our bodies in such a wonderful way that we can pretty much do our own immunization,” said Ron Holloway, a 75-year-old Republican who was questioned about the vaccine. “We’re equipped to do that in most cases. I just don’t see the need for it.”

Neither did Montgomery Granger, whose wife has been vaccinated while he steadfastly refuses to join her and jokingly tweeted his concerns.


Ultimately, Granger agreed to get vaccinated. “We’ve been together since August 10, 1985,” he said. “We’ve built up enough trust. We know each other well enough to be able to tell when something is really important to the other.”

President Joe Biden has promised enough vaccines in circulation to have all American adults inoculated by the end of May.

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