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GOP May Punish Republicans Who Voted For Infrastructure Bill

GOP May Punish Republicans Who Voted For Infrastructure Bill

The Democratic Party and the Republican Party both have members who don’t always agree with the majority. However, in the still-emerging Party of Trump, this is not permissible.

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Republicans have already been punished by censure for voting in favor of Donald Trump’s impeachment, and Trump and others are supporting primary challenges against any member deemed not sufficiently supportive of him. However, it now appears that the party hopes to punish members for merely voting in favor of legislation to help their constituents.

Punchbowl News reported Tuesday morning that there is a movement in the GOP to remove committee assignments from the 13 Republicans who voted to pass the infrastructure bill. Removing Representatives from committees is a quick and efficient way of stripping much of their legislative power without actually removing them from Congress.

In the clip below, you can see Matt Gaetz (R-FL) arguing in favor of this, particularly for John Katko (R-NY), who was an early ‘yes’ vote on the bill.

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He claims that Republicans who supported the bill did so because it’s a “lobbyist bill” and they “wanna roll right out of Congress and into big, $400k, $500k, a year jobs as lobbyists.”

Katko, according to Newsweek, is facing a primary challenge after Republicans expressed frustration that he supported not only the infrastructure bill, but Trump’s impeachment, as well as a bill protecting the rights of workers to unionize and the Equality Act.

Katko’s local Conservative Party leadership has announced that they won’t support him if he runs for re-election, leading Trump to release a celebratory statement, saying, “A great move—Katko will never win again.”

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