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GOP MA Gov. Charlie Baker Rips Into Trump Over Dominance Comments

GOP MA Gov. Charlie Baker Rips Into Trump Over Dominance Comments

,Many of the biggest American cities are currently experiencing mass demonstrations against police violence after the death of George Floyd. Boston is no exception as the largest city in Massachusetts saw 53 arrests over the last night.

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One thing does make Massachusetts different than most other rally states, though, the state’s governor is a Republican. That Republican, Charlie Baker, blasted Donald Trump today over the President’s suggestion that states begin to “dominate” protesters.

The governor said of Trump’s recent comments, “I know I should be surprised when I hear incendiary words from him, but I’m not. So many times during these past several weeks when the country needed compassion and leadership the most it was simply nowhere to be found. Instead, we got bitterness, combativeness and self-interest.”

Baker continued, “That’s not what we need in Boston. It’s not what we need right now in Massachusetts, and it’s definitely not what we need across this great country of ours, either.”

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The Massachusetts lawmaker also condemned protesters who were engaging in looting or violence. “To the criminal and cowards that tarnished that night’s peaceful protest, I expect your day in court will come soon,” he said. “The destruction of property, the looting, the attempts to injure law enforcement are unacceptable.”

Baker ended his comments with a request of his citizens. “We know you’re strong. Now we ask you to choose to use your strength again,” Baker said. “The injustices that black Americans experience every day and their devastating cumulative effect don’t care about state boundaries. We all have an obligation to see and address these issues.”


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