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GOP Lawmaker Wears Yellow Jewish Star Pin to Protest Coronavirus Vaccines

GOP Lawmaker Wears Yellow Jewish Star Pin to Protest Coronavirus Vaccines

A Republican lawmaker in Washington State wore a yellow Star of David pinned to his shirt to a conservative religious conference over the weekend because he disagrees with COVID-19 vaccine mandates.


In a surreal interview with The Seattle Times on Tuesday, State Representative Jim Walsh of Aberdeen said that most of the people who attended the local event were also donning the symbol of Jewish oppression during the Holocaust.

“It’s an echo from history,” Walsh commented on a Facebook post containing footage of his white victimhood party. “In the current context, we’re all Jews.”

Walsh and his constituents – whom he described as “deeply concerned about vaccine passports and vaccine segregation” – hold the belief that public health rules are equal to genocide.

“In the interview, Walsh compared the wearing of the stars to the Danish people during Nazi occupation, who, according to a widely shared story, donned yellow stars to keep the Nazis from singling out Jews. (The Danish tale has been debunked as false by the fact-checking organization Snopes.com, which called it ‘a touching story but not historically accurate.’),” wrote correspondent Jim Brunner.

According to Brunner, Walsh compared himself to Spartacus and refused to disclose whether or not he has received a vaccination.

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And then the following happened.

“Walsh also likened any disparate treatment of unvaccinated people to the Supreme Court’s 1896 decision in Plessy v. Ferguson, which upheld ‘separate but equal’ racial segregation laws targeting African Americans,” Brunner wrote. “Asked whether he could see how wearing the star would be viewed as offensive, Walsh said, ‘some people are offended by having to provide vaccine documentation at their work.’ He added: ‘I can’t control who is offended by what.'”

The full story is available here.

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