GOP in Disarray: Rand Paul Explains Why 'Ineffective' Mike Johnson is No Better Than Democrats

For the most part, Republican Senators are much more measured than the Republicans in the House of Representatives, but exceptions exist. Rand Paul could very well be the most obnoxious member of the entire party, willing to take shots at anyone, whether they be friends or foes. 

Paul appeared on Fox News on Sunday and was asked about the issues within the Republican-led House. And it would be fair to say that the Kentucky lawmaker isn't a fan of Mike Johnson, the Speaker of the House. 

The lawmaker told Maria Bartiromo, "As I see it now, I'm not sure there's a difference between Mike Johnson being in charge and the Democrats being in charge. He supported it (FISA Reauthorization) with a minority of Republicans, with a majority of Democrats. This is not using the power of the purse. This is abdicating the power of the purse."

Paul continued, "But now Mike Johnson's voting with a minority of his party. He's the leader of his party and he's not voting with the majority of the Republicans were for a warrant requirement."

The lawmaker closed: 

"That's ineffective leadership. And if he wants to remain speaker, frankly, he's going to do better because, you know, I wanted to give him a break and I have for a couple of months. It's the first time I've really spoken out, but somebody, I mean, the speaker's got to be a speaker. He's got to be a leader of his party, not a capitulator to the other party."