GOP Hopeful Ron DeSantis' Approval Rating Has Cratered

In January of 2021, 7 Republican senators voted to convict Donald Trump of impeachment. If 3 more chose to do so, the man could never have run for public office again. 

Instead, the GOP held out hope that maybe some other candidate would come along who voters would like more than Trump. They hoped it was Ron DeSantis, who rose his profile by taking very Trumpy actions in Florida. 

And DeSantis is game to try. The Republican recently announced his bid for the 2024 nomination. Before he did so, he went to war on all things 'woke.' And since he's begun his fight against everything that isn't Conservative Christian and White, his polling numbers have plummeted. 

A poll conducted by CIVIQs showed that 36% of voters approved of the Florida Governor compared to 55% who disapproved. Some deeper info:

"The data shows DeSantis has a major unfavorable rating from those aged 18-34 (63 percent), women (62 percent), as well as African Americans (85 percent), and the Hispanic/Latino population (68 percent)."

This is significantly different from a poll conducted by the same firm back in early December. Then DeSantis had a 47% approval rating compared to a 47% disapproval rating. 

Some of this has been the result of people learning more about DeSantis as he's become more prominent. The Republican doesn't necessarily come off as warm and fuzzy. It is also the result of constant attacks from Donald Trump.