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GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Flops on Right-Wing Radio Show

GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Flops on Right-Wing Radio Show

Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin appeared on Neo-Nazi-aligned Sebastian Gorka’s radio program on Monday to sell his message to undecided voters before they head to the polls on November 2nd.

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He totally bombed.

Gorka had reluctantly invited Youngkin – a former chief executive officer of the private equity firm The Carlyle Group – onto his show to “tell us why Republicans who believe in America and watch the commonwealth back support you.”

Youngkin was unable to provide any useful information other than that he hates Democrats and that he is “standing up” – a catchphrase that he repeated six times in his roughly two-minute-long statement – for residents of the commonwealth, although he did not specify how he would make their lives better if he manages to defeat incumbent Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe.

“We have a moment right now Sebastian to make a statement, and first, I [unintelligible] standing up for what I know Virginians all want. We’re gonna cut taxes. We’re gonna invest in schools. Sebastian, we’re gonna get critical race theory out of our schools. We’re gonna return safety to our communities and we’re gonna invest in law enforcement instead of seeing them defunded. We’re gonna get this economy going so that we know that we have more jobs than people can take to lift up everybody,” Youngkin said.

“But we have big issues on the table, and my opponent Terry McAuliffe made it clear that he thinks government – government – should be between parents and their children,” Youngkin continued. “He believes that in fact, they know better for our kids and I’m gonna stand up for our children. I’m gonna stand up for our parents. I mean, this is just such a big issue. But Sebastian, he also thinks he should force everybody to join the union. He wants to defund police. Sebastian, he wants to raise taxes right in the midst of this pandemic yet again.”

Gorka, who was clearly not convinced, interrupted Youngkin to prod for more details.

“We know, Glenn, we watched the debate, it was heinous. He said parents shouldn’t be deciding how their children get educated. He’s a bagman for the Clintons. He’s one of the most reprehensible politicians in America. You are talking to millions of Trump supporters across the nation; there’s no concern amongst them that Terry is bad news and will be bad news for Virginia. What they want to hear from you is that you support the America First agenda, that you support making America great again, and that you won’t be just, as somebody labeled you, potentially another Mitt Romney for Virginia. What can you do to reassure Trump supporters that is not who you are?” he asked.

Youngkin once again failed to deliver.

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Trump “knows that I am a Virginia first governor candidate,” the GOP hopeful said. “I am gonna stand up for Virginians. This is what we have to do right now. Here we have the president of the United States in Joe Biden dispatching the Department of Justice to come try to silence parents in Virginia for standing up for their kids. I am standing up for Virginians. We are going to absolutely make Virginia the best state in America. We’re gonna save it. This is why I’m running. This is why I quit my job last summer because I am so angry with what’s going on in Virginia and we’re gonna save Virginia.”

A visibly unimpressed Gorka then thanked Youngkin for his time and encouraged his right-wing audience to form its own opinion.

“He came on the show, give him credit for that. Look him up, go to Glenn Youngkin, go to his campaign site,” Gorka said. “We need to save America, and that includes the commonwealth. Thank you, Glenn Youngkin.”

The full interview is available here.

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