GOP Governor Tate Reeves Won’t Close Down Mississippi Beaches or Other Buildings Lament the State’s Mayors

There have been a number of Governors who have worked aggressively to combat the spread of Coronavirus. While some have been Democrats like Andrew Cuomo (CA) and Gavin Newsome (CA), Republicans like Mike DeWine (OH) and Larry Hogan (MD) have also issued strong social distancing policies.

Via Wikimedia Commons

But what happens when the Governor refuses to do anything to protect the citizens of the state. That’s become the case in Mississippi where local Mayors and State Senators say Gov. Tate Reeves refuses to institute any closures.

Reeves ordered Mississippi school’s to close in the middle of April. Since then, though, he’s given little directive on how the counties should go forward.

State Senator Joel Carter tweeted on Saturday, “Just received a text from Governor Tate Reeves, He has no intention of shutting down the Coast at this time. Nor anywhere else. The virus can live on surfaces but only for a very short time. Practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly and don’t go to NOLA.“

The Mayor of Tupelo, Jason Shelton, also had unkind for words for Reeves. He wrote, “From the beginning of this crisis until today, I have been waiting on the governor of the state of Mississippi to lead. He has abdicated that leadership role in a state of emergency, and we will no longer wait in Tupelo.”


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