GOP Governor Charlie Baker Suspends National Guard Border Deployment Over Family Separation

Photo Credit: Rappaport center

Charlier Baker, the Republican Governor of Massachusetts, has canceled plans for the state’s National Guard members to help protect the U.S. border. Baker says his decision was made because of the “inhumane” practice that separates children from their undocumented immigrant parents.

WCVB says Baker was prepared to “send a UH-72 Lakota helicopter and two military military analysts to pilot the chopper to the southwestern border by the end of the month.”

As President Trump and his associates have come under fire for a “zero tolerance” policy that rips children away from their parents, calls to action have spread like wildfire across social media.

In a statement regarding Baker’s decision, Communications Director Lizzy Guyton says:

“Governor Baker directed the National Guard not to send any assets or personnel to the Southwest border today because the federal government’s current actions are resulting in the inhumane treatment of children.”

Plans to execute the flight crews orders were planned for the end of June. Massachusetts doesn’t have personnel along the border but was expected to provide support for the Arizona and New Mexico National Guards.

Boston Magazine points out that other lawmakers in Baker’s state have spoken out against the zero-tolerance policy, including Rep. Joe Kennedy III, “who traveled to the border in Texas to protest at a “tent city” for children.”

Baker is the second Republican on Monday to speak out against Trump’s zero tolerance policy. Republican Senator Ben Sasse, today, called Trump’s immigration policy, “wicked.”

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