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GOP Governor Candidate’s Media-Bashing Ad Is Equal Parts Ridiculous And Concerning — Here’s What People Are Saying

GOP Governor Candidate’s Media-Bashing Ad Is Equal Parts Ridiculous And Concerning — Here’s What People Are Saying

A ridiculous joke that shows how out-of-touch the far right is with everything in society, or a violent message encouraging threats and physical harm to journalists? Those are two predominant responses to a new ad from a Republican candidate who would like to be Arizona’s next governor, and has Donald Trump’s endorsement for the position.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – JULY 24: Former Fox News Anchor Kari Lake speaks during the Rally To Protect Our Elections conference on July 24, 2021 in Phoenix, Arizona. The Phoenix-based political organization Turning Point Action hosted former President Donald Trump alongside GOP Arizona candidates who have begun candidacy for government elected roles. (Photo by Brandon Bell/Getty Images)

The Republican Accountability Project shared Kari Lake’s new ad on Twitter, and the public responded, finding the behavior in the ad to be worthy of both ridicule and concern. In it, Lake uses a massive hammer to destroy several television sets and computer monitors, alternating with clips of news hosts presenting on the screens.

First of all, no one could resist pointing out that the tech she’s bashing looks a little older.

Secondly, everyone is calling out the hypocrisy in Lake declaring “the media” to be the problem, despite spending 22 years as a news anchor herself, and presumably intends to utilize the same media she’s demonizing in order to promote her campaign.

The other major thing that’s standing out to people, however, is the violence of the ad, especially after years of a president who attacked the media and encouraged his supporters to both attack and distrust anyone who reported negative information about him.

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According to AZ Central, Donald Trump endorsed Lake for Governor of Arizona last week, saying “Few can take on the Fake News Media like Kari.” This follows her declaration of her certainty that Trump won the 2020 election, which he in fact lost, and her assurance that she would not have certified the election for Joe Biden.

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