GOP Gov. Noem: Target is Trying to Tear Down the Country [VIDEO]

Kristi Noem saw her star rise dramatically when Donald Trump was in office. The South Dakota Governor would agree with any push every policy Trump did. There were even thoughts, at one point, that she would replace Mike Pence as the 2020 running mate. 

None of that came to pass and Noem has been less prominent since Trump has been out of office. But that doesn't mean that she's gone completely. She appeared on Fox and Friends Wednesday morning to complain about retail giant Target. 

Noem began by claiming that a group she says Target funds wants to give away Mt. Rushmore. "They want to take away Mount Rushmore, shut it down, eliminate it. And it has long been an institution of what America stands for."

The South Dakota Governor continued, "It’s dangerous, and Steve, I’m like a lot of Americans, love to shop at Target. I mean, we do, but we just can’t anymore. And while the rest of the country is worried about, you know, having fun and going out and shopping and enjoying a store, that store is fundamentally tearing down this country. And we have to have real conversations about how serious we are about protecting our freedom."

Watch a clip of the segment below, courtesy of Fox News: