GOP Gov. Larry Hogan Says People in Trump’s Cabinet Asked Him to Challenge President in 2020

Larry Hogan is kind of an odd bird in today’s era of hyper-partisan politics. Despite serving in one of the nation’s bluest states, he won the 2018 Maryland governor’s race by 12%. He has also been willing to call out Donald Trump in public, recently penning an op-ed criticizing Trump’s Covid-19 performance.

Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images

That op-ed led many people to believe Hogan could be contemplating a 2024 presidential run. But that run could have come sooner. During a recent interview, the  Maryland governor admitted that some in Trump’s cabinet encouraged him to run again the President in 2020.

Hogan was asked about this request during an appearance on Bloomberg TV. “There were only a couple and I am not going to reveal the names because they are private conversations and I certainly would not want to see a couple of friends fired from the administration,” he said.

The Maryland governor continued:

“I don’t think it comes as any surprise to folks that there are a lot of people in the administration who have sometimes spoken out. It was just one small thing to mention in the book. Certainly not a main focus of anything we were talking about. I did not have any kind of a serious effort to try to run for president. But a lot of people are encouraging me. I was surprised to hear how close some of these folks were in the White House.”

Hogan was also asked by host Kevin Cirelli about the possibility of endorsing Joe Biden. “That’s a decision that I have until November to figure out,” he demurred.

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