GOP FL Lawmaker Who Referred to Fauci as a Pervert and Dr. Falsey, is in Emergency Room With COVID-19

Florida isn’t a very safe place right now. Despite the fact that there is a easily accessible vaccine, the state is currently experiencing a higher death rate now than it did at the peak of the pandemic.

Photo by Al Drago – Pool/Getty Images

A big problem for the state is the misinformation coming from Republican leaders. Take Fred Lowry, for instance. The Volusia County councilman who has frequently derided COVID-19 as fake, it now in an emergency room with double pneumonia.

Like Governor Ron DeSantis, Lowry has painting Dr. Anthony Fauci as a villain. The councilman has referred to the renowned immunologist as a pervert. And now Lowry is sitting in an emergency room with double pneumonia.

During a May sermon at a Baptist church, Lowry declared, “We did not have a pandemic, folks. We were lied to.” The councilman also referred to Fauci as “Dr. Falsely,” noting, “I did not mispronounce that. That’s the way I wanted to say it.”

Lowry also hit multiple QAnon talking points during his “sermon,” saying of child sex trafficking, “This is supposed to be rampant I hear in Hollywood and among the elite. I don’t know if it’s true, but where there’s smoke.”

Councilwoman Billie Wheeler said of Lowry, “He’s pretty darned sick. He has been sick for around two weeks and got the antibody (treatment) last Friday and went to the emergency room late last night.”


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