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The GOP Has A Plan To Damage Elizabeth Warren’s Reputation Ahead Of 2020 Race

The GOP Has A Plan To Damage Elizabeth Warren’s Reputation Ahead Of 2020 Race

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The GOP is already thinking about Trump’s opponents for the 2020 presidential race. Among the potential candidates is Elizabeth Warren.

The Massachusetts Democrat hasn’t thrown her name in yet for consideration, but apparently, it’s never too early to start bashing your opponents. Especially when that person is Senator Warren.

According to an article by the Kansas City Star, one national Republican group is already tracking Warren’s every public move. The group is hoping to start an early smear campaign to try and keep Trump in the White House for a full eight years (if he doesn’t get impeached first).

The GOP doesn’t really have a shot at overthrowing Warren in next year’s Senate race. However, they are hoping that exposing any weaknesses now could at least damage her reputation in the long-term.

The GOP group, America Rising, hopes to weaken Elizabeth Warren so she has no chance to beat Trump.

Colin Reed, the group’s executive director, stated:

We learned from our experience with Secretary [Hillary] Clinton that when you start earlier, the narratives have more time to sink in and resonate with the electorate.”

America Rising started its smear campaign last month when it announced plans to try and defeat Sen. Warren in 2018.

The group also revealed it hopes to “continue developing the long-term research and communications angles to damage her 2020 prospects.”

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Ryan Williams, who served as a longtime aide to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, added, “Republicans would love to see her make a few gaffes in this race that could be used against her in 2020.”

Warren’s team isn’t surprised by the news. Adviser Kristen Orthman told the Kansas City Star, “It’s no surprise that out-of-state billionaires will attempt to buy the election in their favor.” Warren is against such issues as tax breaks for the ultra-rich.

Her resistance to Sen. Mitch McConnell landed her even more firmly on the national stage. That means Warren is also the target of President Trump and his supporters. Trump has already belittled her by calling the Senator “Pocahontas” as he disputed her claim of Native American heritage.

It’s certainly not surprising that the GOP is already looking for ways to smear Elizabeth Warren’s name, after all we are living in a total red state disaster.

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