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GOP Consultant Goes Nuclear on Larry Elder for Blowing California Recall Election

GOP Consultant Goes Nuclear on Larry Elder for Blowing California Recall Election

Right-wing radio host Larry Elder got his butt kicked by incumbent Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom in Tuesday’s recall election in California, and one long-time Republican consultant has excoriated Elder for making “astonishing” mistakes which ultimately led to his 30-plus-point shellacking.

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Speaking with The Sacramento Bee on Wednesday, Ron Nehring, a former chair of the California GOP who also served as an adviser to Elder’s rival, ex-San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, blasted Elder for – above all things – claiming that the election was stolen before it even took place.

Asking voters to sign a petition demanding that the Legislature convene to investigate fraud among votes that had yet to be cast was “astonishing,” Nehring said, noting that the Trumpian stunt probably discouraged Republicans from casting their ballots.

“We can’t have an evidence-based party if we are bullsh*tting people in advance that this election was stolen when it was not. One way not to have Republicans win is by telling Republican voters that their votes don’t matter,” he said. “Lying to Republicans claiming an election was stolen, before a single vote or result had been published, is grossly irresponsible.”

Nehring then accused Elder of being a spoiler candidate whose clownish antics served as a “life preserver” for Newsom.

“The overwhelming majority of Californians were not happy with the alternative, if that alternative was Larry Elder,” Nehring said. “It is very unfortunate that a governor who has run out of ideas, Gavin Newsom, was provided a vector, was assisted in his effort to make someone else the issue.”

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Nehring also doused Elder’s declaration that he has become a “force” within the GOP.

“‘If Larry Elder thinks that he’s managed to tattoo ‘Larry’s Girl’ on the back of the California Republican Party, I think he’s in for quite a surprise,’ he said, referencing a claim Elder’s former fiance made about a tattoo he wanted her to get,” The Sacramento Bee noted.

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