GOP Congressman Who Serves A Texas Border District Rips Trump’s Shutdown

There are nine Congresspeople who serve districts located along the Texas/Mexico border. All are Democrats, save for Will Hurd, who serves Texas’ 23rd congressional district. Each of them opposes Donald Trump’s idea of a border wall.

Office of Will Hurd

Will Hurd appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe program today. Not only did he lay out the reasons he is against the border wall he also offered some modern and realistic alternatives.

Hurd began the segment by saying, “If this is indeed a crisis, the people who are dealing with this crisis should get paid. I was just down at the border this weekend. I talked with a number of men and woman from the border patrol and they used some very colorful language about how they felt working without pay and the shutdown.”

He then countered some of the border stats recently floated by Mike Pence and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, noting that border crossing numbers are down and most illegal drugs come through legal points of entry.

The congressman then suggested other solutions like reviving the Secure Fence Act which received Bi-Partisan support in 2006

He also discussed his USA Act that he has co-sponsored with Congressman Pete Aguilar (D-CA). The Bi-Partisan USA Act would protect dreamers while creating common-sense immigration reforms. The reforms aim to take advantage of the latest technological innovations.

Hurd talked about how to counteract drugs coming into the country. He said, “Every time we make a move, the Narcos and the Narcotraficantes are going to make a counter move. This is a battle and we need to be using the latest technologies.”

As both a border Congressman and a former CIA agent, Hurd is uniquely qualified to propose legislation. Time will tell if his ideas are able to gain steam with Donald Trump and the current administration.

See the interview here:

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