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GOP Congressman: Trump Meant That the Female Lawmakers Should go Back to Their Districts

GOP Congressman: Trump Meant That the Female Lawmakers Should go Back to Their Districts

Democrats took Donald Trump’s weekend tweets about Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley, Rashida Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez very seriously. The comments were quickly condemned as racist. Rep. Ted Lieu (CA) called the President a racist ass. Rep. Ruben Gallego (AZ) wrote on his Twitter feed, “To people like Trump I will never be American enough.”

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The response from Conservatives has been much different. Hosts on Fox & Friends found the tweets to be hilarious and called Trump, the “comedian in chief.” The most startling reaction, though, may have come from Rep. Andy Harris (MD), who says Trump was talking about going back to the states they represent.

The representative from Maryland’s 1st district made the comments during an appearance on WBAL. When asked about the President’s comments, Harris said, “No, they’re not. They’re obviously not racist. But again, when anyone disagrees with someone now, you call them a racist and this is no exception.”

Harris continued, “Look, ask the President what he meant by it but clearly it’s not a racist comment. He could’ve meant go back to the district they came from, to the neighborhood they came from.”

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Taken aback by Harris’ answer, host Bryan Nehman asked, “Do you really believe he was talking about the district they came from?” Harris replied, “absolutely.”

Harris came under fire in January for meeting with Chuck C. Johnson, a holocaust denier. The Rep. later released a statement saying, “I am unaware of his previous associations, but we had a discussion involving his business with genetic sequencing. Of course I disavow and condemn white supremacy and anti-semitism.”

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