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GOP Congressman Rooney Won’t Rule out Impeachment, Decides to Retire

GOP Congressman Rooney Won’t Rule out Impeachment, Decides to Retire

Francis X. Rooney, who represents Florida’s 11th District, is a little bit of an outlier when it comes to the GOP. Unlike many other Republican lawmakers, one of Rooney’s key issues is taking care of the environment.


One of the wealthier members of the House, Rooney has never been afraid to speak his mind. He did so this weekend, telling reporters that he wouldn’t rule out voting for Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Rooney had initially spoken out against Trump’s Syria decision. The congressman tweeted, “The decision by Donald Trump to withdraw our troops from Syria has made way for a Turkish offensive on the Syrian Kurds and will do lasting harm. I urge Donald Trump to immediately reverse his decision and support the Kurds.”

While speaking with reporters on Friday, Rooney discussed the impeachment inquiry:

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“I’m going to do at all stages what I think is right to do,” he said. “You’ve got to do the right thing at every stage. Whether I run again is a totally different can of worms, that has to do with family things, business, wanting to do some different things. This is kind of a frustrating job for me. I come from a world of actions, decisions, putting your money down and seeing what happens. This is a world of talk.”

Rooney also recently revealed that he would not be seeking a third term. The GOP has recently seen a number of prominent lawmakers decide to retire prior to the 2020 election. Rooney said of the decision, “I’ve done what I came to do.”


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