GOP Congressman Rages Against DC Statehood Because Liberals Live There

During a virtual hearing in the House of Representatives on Monday regarding the prospect of granting statehood to Washington DC, Republican Congressman Jody Hice of Georgia fired off a laundry list of excuses about why he believes that the nation’s capital city and its 692,683 residents (as of 2019) do not deserve the rights and responsibilities of becoming a state.

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For reference, DC’s population is 20 percent greater than that of Wyoming, the least-populated state, which has 585,501 people.

Hice complained that if DC were to become a state, it would receive a disproportionately large share of federal funding compared to other states, which he asserted is a violation of the congressional control over the District that the country’s Founders envisioned.

The biggest problem with that argument is that residents of DC are subjected to taxation without representation in the House and in the United States Senate.

As it stands, DC has a single delegate in Congress – Democrat Eleanor Holmes Norton – whose power is significantly limited when compared to her counterparts from the 50 official states. Representatives from American territories such as Peurto Rico, the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, and Guam are subject to similar restrictions.

Hice, however, prefers that colonial model over DC gaining two Senate seats, which would almost certainly be occupied by Democrats because DC is one of the most liberal metropolises in the country.

“DC wants the benefits of being a state without having to operate like one,” said Hice. “They want to be treated differently. They want to be treated better than all other states. DC wants to keep all these special perks plus gain two more Democratic US Senators. This would effectively shift the power to the left-wing progressives so that they can enact their radical agenda that Americans have rejected time and time again.”

How ironic, given the GOP’s aggressive war on voting rights and civil equality currently underway in nearly every state and the fact that the Republican nominee for president has only won the national popular vote in one out of the last seven elections.

Hice’s most bizarre argument against DC statehood occurred about five minutes into his remarks, when he claimed that the Founders would have opposed it because the District “would be the only state, the only state without an airport and without a car dealership and without a capital city and without a landfill, without even a name of its own, and we could go on and on and on.”

DC was founded in 1790 before any of those things existed.

“Who would be left to provide all these services while it continues to receive billions of dollars for special programs? Well, we know the answer to that. The American people would,” Hice said. “DC statehood would mean a money grab from neighboring states and a power grab for the United States Senate all done in an impractical and unconstitutional fashion.”

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