GOP Congressman: “I’m So Damn Sick” of Trump, Colleagues for “Massive Grift”

Outgoing Virginia Republican Rep. Denver Riggleman is a lot of things – retired Air Force intelligence officer, National Security Agency contractor, distillery owner – but one thing he’s not is shy or at a loss for words.

Riggleman is one of just 10 Republican members of the House of Representatives to publicly acknowledge that Joe Biden beat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. In an interview with Forbes he said that some 30 to 40 of his GOP colleagues have privately acknowledged Biden’s win but are too scared to admit it publicly. He said that Republican refusal to acknowledge the result is “a massive grift,” “just money-making for the 2024 election” and “completely unethical.”

“They’re worried about committee assignments, they’re worried about the team,” Riggleman said of Republicans who have stayed loyal to Trump. “The career is more important than the facts, it’s that simple.”

Riggleman on Saturday tweeted that he is proud to be included on the list of fellow Republicans who are being called out for recognizing the election results.

Of Trump, Riggleman said the president has been “irresponsible” for “embracing theories and groups that are dehumanizing and have an anti-Semitic base” and “groups that are just anti-American,” specifically pointing to Trump’s retweets of QAnon.

“He got so desperate to retain power that he forgot he was serving people and not himself,” Riggleman said of Trump. He has “never served anything but himself,” the Congressman said.

Another of the Congressman’s more colorful quotes about Trump’s election challenges: “That really is, really, I think, the Island of the Misfit Toys at that point. You have crossed the Rubicon, you jumped on the crazy train and you’re headed into the cliffs that guard the flat earth at that time, brother.”

He also has little use for General Services Administration head Emily Murphy, lambasting her for waiting three weeks to authorize Biden’s transition into government. “She should’ve done this well before she did it,” chalking up the delay to “fear of losing your tribe.” “I’m so damn sick of it. I’m sick of it,” he said.

Riggleman, who wrote a book about his experience of once being part of an expedition hunting for the mythical creature Bigfoot, says “the [Bigfoot] expedition leader and Rudy Giuliani are very similar people” and said both are part of a political ecosystem where facts don’t matter.

In a recent interview with The Washington Post he said, “They’re all bat—- crazy. Right? All of them ascribe to a team mythology that might or might not be true. And they stay on that team regardless. And that is what’s so dangerous about politics today.”

Riggleman represents a district on the western Virginia border with North Carolina. He lost his primary earlier this year to a socially conservative challenger who criticized the incumbent for officiating a gay wedding.

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