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GOP State Rep. Found Plotting Violent Attacks Against Democrats

GOP State Rep. Found Plotting Violent Attacks Against Democrats

Right-wing extremism is on the rise, despite Donald Trump’s assertion that white nationalism is not a real problem. Now a Republican State Representative has been caught plotting violent attacks against liberals with the help of other other right-wing extremists.

Rep. Matt Shea of Washington State has allegedly been found to be colluding with violent right-wingers to enact violence upon Democrats. Using Signal, an app that many people are generally pretty unfamiliar with, Rep. Shea communicated his plans to conduct so-called “psyops”  on his liberal enemies to the extremists in his corner.

The Spokane Valley Representative communicated on the app under the alias “Verum Bellator.” Translated from Latin this name means “true warrior.” This warrior who happens to also allgedly be a Washington State Representative, was hanging out online with figures such as the host of the fringe right-wing radio show Radio Free Redoubt, Jack Robertson, and Anthony Bosworth, a gentleman who once was in trouble with the law for taking firearms to a courthouse.

The Guardian obtained chat logs from the conversations from another participant who is being kept anonymous so that he can be kept out of harm’s way.

The group decided that they would go after certain people with surveillance and violence. When caught, Rep. Shea tried to pretend that the chats and threats were just jokes. He said of the situation:

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“A lot of people in private conversations say things tongue in cheek about what they would like to see happen to these people, but that is not setting a policy or establishing a protocol for people to carry things out.”

Either way, this man seems quite dangerous. Listen to a discussion of these troubling developments below, via Ring of Fire.

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