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GOP Congressman Dragged Over Gas Price Tweet — After Everyone Sees What He’s Driving

GOP Congressman Dragged Over Gas Price Tweet — After Everyone Sees What He’s Driving

Gas prices can be painful, but when a legislator tried to use them as a political attack, the backlash was perhaps larger than the price tag. U.S. Congressman Greg Steube surely found some like-minded constituents to nod along and join him in a round of Biden-blaming, but if he was trying to put himself on a level with most gas-buyers, he missed the mark.

[Photo by Saul Loeb-Pool/Getty Images]

Congressman Steube tweeted Tuesday afternoon to complain when it cost him nearly $170 to fill up his truck with gas. In some ways his experience reflects that of the average gas-buyer — paying over $3 a gallon hurts, especially for drivers who can remember when it was significantly lower. However, most of us aren’t pumping 44 gallons into a vehicle at a time, so his total may not ring true to the average consumer.

Steube’s tweet blamed Biden for his pump total, but he also included a photo that provided a little more information, showing that he’d paid a total of $167.27 for 43.8 gallons of gas, at $3.819 per gallon.

Critics were quick to point out that what he’s driving isn’t exactly what most folks are driving, though.

Even to the extreme of parody:

Even if gas was under $2 a gallon, the cost of filling a tank that size would be approaching three digits, commenters pointed out. Forty-four gallons is a lot of gas.

It also raised the question of where he was buying gas to pay so much, as his critics checked GasBuddy for prices in the area.

Of course, there’s also the obvious fact that presidents don’t set gas prices, and the fact that gas prices were already climbing when he took office — but those don’t really help Steube’s case, either, do they?

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