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GOP Chair Claims Republican Party Represents Freedom & Opportunity — Twitter Isn’t Having It

GOP Chair Claims Republican Party Represents Freedom & Opportunity — Twitter Isn’t Having It

One thing about social media — if you make a claim that’s not supported by evidence, you’re going to get called out. When, for instance, the official Republican National Committee Twitter account quoted Ronna McDaniel to call the Republican party the party of freedom and opportunity, it didn’t go unchallenged.

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For July 4th, the RNC’s official account, @GOP, tweeted a quote from Chariwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel. In it, she declares the Republican party to represent “the spirit of 1776” by exemplifying freedom and opportunity.

This didn’t sit well with many Twitter users, who responded to point out:
1) 1776 was widely invoked in reasoning for the January 6th attempted insurrection;
2) “freedom” as espoused by the GOP seems to come with an unspoken ‘some exclusions apply’ condition;
3) Republicans have fought to limit ‘opportunity’ for some Americans (and refugees).

They brought up the minimum wage, voting rights, and other efforts for freedom and opportunity that the GOP still seeks to suppress or limit.

The election lies promoted by Trump and perpetuated by his fans in the Republican Parrty, and the voter suppression that has followed, were a major theme.

Of course, plenty called out Republicans’ apparent antipathy toward marginalized groups, and anyone fighting for progress.

Oops. So, is the Republican Party the party of freedom and justice for all, the party of opportunity and a spirit of equal access for all Americans? According to Twitter users, it’s more like the party of exclusion, sedition, insurrection, and autocracy.

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