GOP Candidate Think Boys Shouldn’t Wear Masks Because They’re Emasculating

Marjorie Taylor Greene, Georgia candidate for U.S. House, says that wearing a mask will damage boys’ masculinity, and that shutdowns are the real danger. She’s been a loud voice against COVID-19 safety measures, but in a new tweet Tuesday morning she suggests that masks are not only unnecessary but unhealthy for children — and more so for boys than girls.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is a Republican star, says Donald Trump
[Screenshot via Marjorie Taylor Greene/YouTube]

Greene has made headlines for her links to Q-Anon conspiracy groups, and for threats against protestors and against the legislators who will be her co-workers if she wins in November. Hoeevr, these extreme positions aren’t the sum of her public persona. She’s also a loud and proud Trumper, and an anti-masker.

Donald Trump spoke against masks from the beginning. NBC reported in May that the president had said he didn’t think he’d wear a mask, that it would send a message that he was scared for his health, rather than focused on reopening the nation’s businesses. He’s been criticized for making this choice, knowing that many of his supporters would mimic whatever he chose to do.

Children should not wear masks, it’s unhealthy for their psychological, emotional, and educational growth. Especially boys, forcing boys to wear masks is emasculating.

Theories that Trump was afraid he’d be seen as less manly with a mask have circulated. Now, one of his most vocal supporters, a congressional candidate who hopes to represent nearly 700k people, and participate in legislation that will affect all Americans, is telling parents, not only that masks are dangerous for their children, but specifically that they’ll harm male children, and somehow make them less masculine.

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