GOP Candidate Larry Elder: Employers Should be Able to Ask Women If and When They Plan to Get Pregnant

Many working women decide at some point that they would like to start a family. And that requires time off from work. Most employers understand this and offer maternity (and possibly) paternity leave so that the new parents can bond with the baby.

Businessman and GOP gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder doesn’t care much for the rights of working women. In fact, Elder says that employers should be able to ask females if and when they are planning on becoming pregnant.

Elder wrote in a book, “Are there legitimate business reasons for a venture capitalist to ask a female entrepreneur whether & when she intends to have children? Hell, yes. I’m not quite sure why it’s the govt’s business to intrude on it.”

The Republican described asking these kinds of questions as “protecting his investment.” When reached by the AP for comment, Elder doubled down on his statements.

This isn’t the only controversial stance Elder has taken. According to Politico:

“Elder opposes gun control and any minimum wage, believes climate change policies are not worth the cost, has assailed Roe v. Wade, dismisses gender wage gaps as a myth and maintains that welfare and fatherless families pose far greater threats to society than systemic racism.”


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