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GOP Candidate Goes On Incredibly Racist Abortion Rant On Twitter

GOP Candidate Goes On Incredibly Racist Abortion Rant On Twitter

Lauren Ditzke attacks Black pastors

Republican Lauren Witzke ran to represent Deleware in the United States Senate and lost to Democrat Chris Coons. However, she’s still fighting, in her own way, to keep the Senate red, and as a part of that, she’s joining those who demonize (in her case, shockingly literally) Reverend Raphael Warnock, who’s on the ballot in Georgia in January.

Lauren Witzke attacks Black pastors
[Screenshot via Lauren Witzke/YouTube]

Literally? Yes — that is, she’s literally claiming that there is something ‘demonic’ about Warnock and other pro-choice pastors. She’s specifically attacking Warnock and another Black pastor who spoke up in his defense on social media.

Content warning: the following quotes and tweets are going to get really, really racist. Steel yourself.

Voodoo Africans shouldn’t come into America and bring their heathen religions under the guise of Christianity with them. You’re a disgrace, a liar, and a fraud.

We’re sending you back to Africa to practice your witchcraft there.

Voodoo Africans are migrating into America, infiltrating the Christian Faith, and establishing churches on the pulpit of abortion and social justice. It’s so clever, it could only be demonic.

She also went on to deny that she was being racist, saying that “demonic influence has nothing to do with skin color” — but that seems a bit ingenuous after repeated linkings of the phrase “voodoo Africans” with the descriptor “demonic.”

Witzke was responding to Reverend Warnock’s recent tweet, in which he describes himself as a pro-choice pastor. She accused him of “sacrificing babies on the altar of social justice.”


Another pastor, Bright Amegazo, responded in defense of Warnock and choice. Witzke attacked, declaring Amegazo another “demonically influenced pastor.”

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Focusing herself on this pastor, she began demanding information about his denomination and threatening to have him stripped of his title, fired, and sent “back to Africa to practice….witchcraft there.”


Witzke’s outburst claiming that pro-choice pastors are demonic and that pastors like Warnock are “voodoo Africans” who infiltrate Christianity with pro-choice ideologies somehow connected to witchcraft is going viral, not just for being shockingly racist, but for its complete disconnect with reality on every level. By the way, Warnock grew up in Savannah, Georgia. That’s in the United States. The whole thing smacks of birtherism — again, it’s right-wing extremists falsely suggesting a Black candidate is somehow not entirely American.

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